September 10, 2016. That was the day when founder Emir launched Bamboo Ice with a specific quest in mind. He wanted to make an impact on the lifestyle choices of people and change their habits in a way that would benefit the planet. Inspired by the changing global environment, he set out with the goal to offer sustainable products that would also be recognized as a fashion symbol. And he did just that. Within one month, Bamboo Ice had customers in 5 countries. Today, Bamboo Ice is based in Stockholm and has a growing customer base from all over the world.



Bamboo Ice may sound random, but it is actually not. When pronounced, Bamboo Ice sounds like “Bamboo eyes”, which has a lot of symbolism. As seen in the logo, an iceberg can be seen through the shape of a circle (an eye). This symbolizes that all people should look at nature from a new perspective and do what they can to best protect it.


Bamboo Ice has partnered with different organizations in order to give back to earth. As a way of keeping our planet healthy, Bamboo Ice plants 10 trees for every sale.